Nautilus College

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  • Want a learning environment that caters for your needs?

  • Need a school that understands that life is not always easy for young people?

Our Mission

Nautilus College (Nautilus Senior College) is a registered and accredited non-government school. It is an independent school that aims to offer all eligible young people the chance to complete their school education.  We especially aim to include those whose lives may be complicated, challenging or require a particular understanding in order to achieve success.

In 2021 we aim to provide opportunities to young people primarily aged 15-17 who wish to complete their education outside a traditional school environment.

We are flexible:

We work with students to accommodate their needs and understand their challenges.


We are understanding:

The barriers to education that many young people might face are not unusual to us and we have an individual approach to understanding the needs of the student.


We are supportive:

Smaller class sizes, well trained teachers, and a youth support worker all make up a team ready to support student needs.


We are an independent school:

We will offer a limited number of places for stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) 

Through Mid North Coast Community College, students who have achieved Year 10 or who are 15 years and over will be eligible for our transition program as an alternative to years 11 & 12. The transition program offers two pathways;

  1. A vocational pathway to improve career options and work placement and

  2. A Tertiary Education pathway for those wishing to pursue University Studies

What is Nautilus