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How to Enrol:

Thank you for your interest in seeking enrolment into Nautilus College - Port Macquarie Campus.

Please complete all sections of the Enrolment Application Form which you can download below.


Upon application, you must provide a copy of the students Birth Certificate and previous school report. If you have difficulty obtaining information, such as previous school reports, please contact Nautilus College as we may be able to offer assistance.


A final decision regarding the students placement will only be decided after all information required has been provided to the school and an interview with the student has been conducted.


Please Note: an application does not automatically entitle the student a place in Nautilus College. We will notify you of the results of your application. The information you have provided will be used for student enrolment if your application is accepted. Successful applicants will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment.

Application for enrolment

Year 7 - 10

Permissions Pack

Year 7 - 10

Complete your enrolment form and email to

or lodge in person at

College Reception 4 Albert Circuit


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