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The process

All enrolments require an enrolment form and an interview process.

Contact Nautilus on the number above to arrange an enrolment pack. 


Once maximum numbers have been reached, a waiting list will be created. As places become available, we will contact students and parents on the list to check they still want to apply.  

Students will not be enrolled at Nautilus College without attending an interview.  Parents are welcome to join their child but it is the student that we are interested most in talking to. 

We will ask questions about their previous schooling and why they want to attend Nautilus. We may also ask about their support networks or peer networks. People who participate in the interview with an openness and willingness to embrace change have the best chance of gaining a position within the school. 


We often have more young people on the list than we can place so we remind you that an interview is not a guarantee of enrolment.


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