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Attendance Requirements In NSW Schools


Under the NSW Education Act, schools are required to ensure that individual students meet certain attendance standards.  This includes mandatory attendance for students under 17 years of age unless exemptions are applicable. Nautilus College is also required to use state attendance codes to record student attendance on the attendance register or roll.


This will mean parents/carers will be required to assist Nautilus College by managing and providing information to the school about their children's attendance for the purpose of maintaining the required attendance register. The following details will assist parents/carers in this process.


Unjustified Absence: A reason for a student's absence must be provided to the school within seven days or the record on the roll will remain as an 'Unjustified Absence'. It is therefore important that parents/carers contact the school on the day of the absence to provide an explanation.

Illness or Medical Appointment: When a child is occasionally absent from school due to illness the normal procedures of notifying the school by phone, email or text message apply.


Approved Absence: The NSW Government established this category to designate absence in certain situations. This may be due to: misadventure or unseen event; participation in special events not related to the school; domestic necessity such as serious illness of a family member; attendance of funerals; travel in Australia and overseas; recognised religious festivals or ceremonial occasions. This kind of detail will be required by the school to record an 'Approved Absence'


Application for Extended Leave - Vacation/Travel: Nautilus College requires the completion of an application for extended leave for vacation and travel for 5 days or more. A certificate will be provided if the extended leave is approved by the principal.


Exemptions from Attendance at school due to: exceptional circumstances (including the health of a student where sick leave or alternative enrolment is not appropriate); the child being prevented from attending school because of a direction under the Public Health Act 2010. (The parent is not required to complete an application for exemption); employment in the entertainment industry; or, participation in elite arts or elite sporting events.


Exemption From Enrolment At School: Students who under 17 and have completed Year 9 are able to seek a permanent exemption from enrolment at school. Application must be made in writing to the school using the following form.  Applicants applying for exemption of enrolment before they complete Year 10 must enter a full-time apprenticeship/traineeship.

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